8)The Unique Scoring System in Tennis

The scoring system in tennis adds to the pressure of a player. Unlike other sports, there is no overall time limit. Play continues until one of the players wins two out of three sets. Consequently, there is no room for coasting on a lead or waiting for time to run out. Each player is always just a few points from a complete turn-around, and a lead is never safe. As a contrast, if a basketball team is ahead by 30 points, they will almost certainly win because their lead is too large to overcome within the time of the competition. In tennis, a player can be ahead 5-0 in the third set, and lose two games and immediately have reason  to fear a loss and a huge comeback by their opponent.

9)Big vs. Little And Young vs. Old

Another dimension of tennis is the fact that a nine-year-old child can compete against a 14-or-15-year-old teenager.A 20-year-old against a 30-year-old,a 40-year-old against a 60-year-old and on an on. Small can beat large,young can beat old and visa versa.

10)Tennis Training Can Be Extremely Expensive

For the junior player, tennis training can be a very large expense for a family. The pressure from these expenses can add additional stress to young players who feel guilty for not winning because of all the money their parents are putting into tennis. Parents can lose sight of what is important and begin to expect a return for their investment.

(adapted from USTA sports psychology guidebook for coaches, and Tennis 1 article by Jorge Capestany

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