Partner Questions

October 17, 2010

Here are a few questions you may want to go over with your partner and coach.

1) Do you like to play the add side or the deuce side?

2) What would you like me to say or do after you miss an easy shot?

3) What would you like me to say or do after you make a double fault?

4) Do you want to use signals or not?

5) Who do you think should serve first when we play?

6) Do you like  a partner that is expressive and intense or quiet and reserved?

7) Which one of us should be reponsible for questioning bad calls?

8) What should our plan “A” be when we play?

9) What should our plan “B” be when we play?

10) What should our plan “C” be when we play?

11) How much time after a loss would you like to wait before we discuss the match?

12) What can I do on the court  to keep your confidence high?

13) Who should serve into the sun if it is in a bad spot?

14) What kind of warm-up do you prefer?

15) Do you like to hear advice or coaching from me while we are playing?

16) Do you want me to walk to the baseline between points with you when you are serving?

17) What is the best thing for me to say to you when you are getting mad or frustrated?

18) Should we always elect to receive (or serve) when we win the toss?

19) Are there certain people that will make you play better (or worse) if they are watching?

20) Are we still partners? hahaha

Adapted from Mental Toughness-Workbook for Tennis by Jorge Capestany

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